Saturday, July 19, 2014

Because sometimes it's hard...

Sometimes it's just hard. Your "it" is different than mine I'm sure, but we all have those things in our lives that just seem to drag on and on and healing or freedom doesn't feel like it's ever going to come. Those things that keep us bound and down and defeated and exhausted. So you see, sometimes it's just hard.

Sometimes it's hard to think about all that is true, because the lies we have been believing for so long entangle us. 

Sometimes it's hard to think about all that is noble, because the sin that we keep going back to somehow seems more fulfilling than the shed blood of Jesus.

Sometimes it's hard to think about all that is right, because our focus can barely shift off of every bit of wrong in this world.

Sometimes it's hard to think about all that is pure, because whatever mess we have gotten ourselves into seems to have stained us so deep that we can't believe that we are viewed white as snow by our Father. 

Sometimes it's hard to think about what is lovely, when it seems like everyone else is living the life you have dreamed of and you are getting the short end of the stick with the hand you've been dealt. 

Sometimes it's hard to think about what is admirable, because we continue to somehow be fulfilled by the gifts of this world that turn into idols instead of blessings. 

Sometimes it's hard to think about what is excellent, because we are never content with our ever present, always enough Jesus & instead are always searching for more to fill our heart holes & bandage our wounds. 

Sometimes it's hard to think about what is praiseworthy, because we focus on everything that is aching, missing, and breaking instead of who Jesus is regardless of who and where we are. 

So you see, sometimes it's just hard; for me anyways. And that's when my Jesus meets me in my broken, fearful, restless heart and reminds me I don't have to do it on my own. I will never succeed in getting to Jesus or loving Him enough without surrendering every need to Him and His powerful, merciful, gracious heart. 

A few nights ago, I, along with about 2,000 other "Huntsvillians," had the blessing of worshiping alongside Kari Jobe and Christine Caine. It was an incredible night of praise and truth and encouragement. Christine spoke into the truth that as Christians, walking through the promised land, there is always going to be a wall of some kind keeping us from moving from deliverance to true freedom. She spoke from Joshua and how silly, defeated, and hopeless he and his soldiers may have felt in the days and nights they were marching around the wall at Jericho, just hoping it would soon begin to crack through and fall down. Basically, she continued by pressing into us that sometimes the only thing we can do, is keep pressing into Jesus even when it seems like our wall is never coming down. Keep walking around the wall, keep fighting the good fight, keep begging Jesus to help you believe he is all he says he is and you are all he says you are. 

Maybe your wall is anger. 

Maybe your wall is resentment and bitterness. 

Maybe your wall is a broken relationship. 

Maybe your wall is crippling anxiety and fear. 

Maybe your wall is addiction. 

Maybe your wall is discontent.

Maybe your wall is depression.

Maybe your wall is pride.  

I don't know your wall- but I do know I'm not the only one who has one. I know I'm not the only one who struggles to think about all things true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, and praiseworthy. I know I'm not the only one who needs Jesus every day to help me focus on who HE is and make HIM bigger than whatever wall I am facing. Because friends, there is always going to be a wall. But there is always going to be our Jesus who shattered that wall at Jericho and will shatter every wall in your heart that keeps you from sweet rest in Him. We only see the wall- He sees the freedom of the other side. 

In Him, 



  1. Katy Jo,

    Thank you for your transparency. Praise God that there is beauty in the broken. & that He uses the broken.

  2. Thank you KJ. This is an important message beautifully written. A great reminder to keep my heart on Jesus even when the walls seem to be higher still.